About Our Painting Classes In Florida

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Dates: February 11-16 & 18-23, 2018 (Sunday-Friday)
Cost: €950 per week (€100 off 2 weeks)
Inclusions: 27.5 hours of instruction, studio access beyond “class time”, welcome reception, and easel for the first 5 signees
Maximum Class Size: 15

Painting As Enchantment
The FRESIA Method

Many painters have described a peculiar mood that they slip into as they paint. This mood is a sense of wonder and joy, a sense of feeling larger,and is identified by Jerry Fresia as enchantment. The problem, Fresia points out, is that the mechanical steps of painting methods tend to pull the painter in a direction that subverts enchantment because painting methods are presented as processes of production, much like an assembly line. Fresia solves this problem by teaching how the steps in his method of painting become crossings or passages that propel the painter into the mood of enchantment. “Once you get to the wonder and joy,” explains Fresia, “the art will follow.” Listen to Jerry explain this process here.

Painting as enchantment is painting as an escape from our ordinary realms of perception.

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The Course

Our painting classes in Florida teach you an authentic method of painting handed down directly from the French Impressionists to various Americans such as John Singer Sargent and Robert Henri. This method is valid for all visual art media. You will learn not only the craft side of painting but also the history and philosophy behind this method of painting.

In the demonstrations, Jerry will explain how and why the painting process is broken down into 5 distinct separate stages: Composition, Construction, Underpainting, Reconstruction, and Painting.

Jerry will walk you through the stages, with individual instruction at your easel, throughout the week. Our painting classes in Florida offer you an opportunity to paint in the studio and en plein-air, right on the waterfront.

Welcome Reception: 5:00-6:30, Sunday
Instruction: 9:00-12:00 / 1:30-4:00, Monday-Friday
Studio Access: Monday-Friday till 6pm

Workshop Details

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