We make available complete instructional material, both philosophical and by way of images, what we teach. In fact, in some instances, books are more comprehensive and complete, given the format and the opportunity for us to treat the material in depth.

FRESIA On Lake Como


bookimageIn this book we have gathered together 127 paintings done on Lake Como plus a new essay by Jerry on painting. It also includes numerous art quotes by famous artists that truly embody Impressionism. In addition to a regular book, there is also an “ebook” designed for ipads, iphones, and the itouch. We are delighted with the ebook version. Not only is it roughly one third the cost, but because the images are digital (and not printed to a page), they are remarkably more crisp and true in color. Further, the zoom capacity of the ipad enables the viewer to look at the paintings in amazing detail.


The Practice and Philosophy of French Impressionism


This book provides a detailed and illustrated step-by-step summary of the actual French Impressionist method of painting and also explains the philosophy of the French Impressionist creative process. Jerry Fresia explains how both the practice and philosophy are integrated & why knowledge of both are indispensable if one wishes to move in the direction of French Impressionism. Moreover, their method and philosophy has less to do with the results on the canvas and more to do with the expression of each one’s unique creative gifts.





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