• The viewpoint you offer on creating art, particularly impressionistic painting resonates with many of us who have been painting for years with a weary eye on the results of applying our talents and skill. Your suggestions invite us to become lost in the joy of the paint and the dance of the brush. Feeling the rush, the beauty will follow. Thanks.

    April 07, 2016
    • Fresia

      Precisely! Thank you. JF

      April 07, 2016
  • Joy McCormack

    Becoming lost in the moments of painting allows us to not only find the secret (ourselves) in what we see but provides to us the means to bring it back; thus avoiding the “dead on arrivals”!

    April 07, 2016
    • Fresia

      Yes, I think you’ve got it, Joy. Very nice. I like the idea that in the process, when we find ourselves,
      we are discovering our power and abilities, we feel larger, more on top of what we are doing…and thus,
      we are in a position to express ourselves, our feelings…with colors we didn’t notice before or
      we make marks with more authoritative feeling. If we are alive in that sense, our paintings have a
      chance of being alive too. It’s not just a picture. Nice to hear from you, Joy.

      April 07, 2016

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