In 2011, FRESIA opened an art gallery in Menaggio to showcase the work of American artist Jerry Fresia. The gallery is now located in Bellagio, the most visited town on Lake Como. It is a short walk from the ferry dock and about 100 meters from the main entrance of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, the most prestigious hotel in all of Bellagio.

Jerry studied primarily with William Schultz whose method of instruction can be traced back, from student to teacher, directly to the French Impressionists. He also studied with Wolf Kahn. Jerry works only from nature and his paintings of Lake Como and the surrounding villages reflect his love of color and loose expressive brushwork. Besides landscapes, Jerry also paints still lifes and figures.


Art Gallery in Bellagio Italy


Lake Como is beautiful to be sure, but for a painter it is simply a point of departure. As the French Impressionists themselves pointed out, the point of painting is not to make a picture but to respond emotionally to what one sees and then to render one’s emotion on canvas. This is the reason why Rachele Zagnoli Guicciardi,¬†Independent Consultant for Christie’s Auction House, notes that after living on Lake Como for her entire life she experiences “entirely new emotions” when she looks at Jerry’s paintings of Lake Como (see homepage). His paintings of Lake Como are not pictures of Lake Como but the rendering of his feelings through line, tone, and color. It is the depth of the feelings of the artist that engages the viewer and which provide lasting pleasure.

“A good painting does not depend on its subject for its beauty. It refers to nothing beyond itself. If a painting is any good at all, it will be alive and a lifetime of looking will not be enough to see or feel the depth of life the artist has injected.”

– Jerry Fresia







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