Since 2004, AIS Master Artist Jerry Fresia has been offering painting holidays on Lake Como, Italy. In 2015, he began offering February workshops in St. Petersburg, Florida. All classes are open to beginners and advanced painters.

Why Choose Our Workshops?

For hundreds of years, students learned the art and craft of painting by studying in the studio of a master. By the 1960s, the studio system of teaching painting was displaced by colleges and universities. The knowledge passed down from master painters gradually but steadily was lost. College professors know nothing of this method.

Jerry studied with William Schultz who in turn studied with Robert Brackman. Brackman’s teachers bring us back to the Paris of the 1880s. One teacher was Robert Henri and the other was Ivan Olinsky, a student of John Singer Sargent. Sargent was close to Monet and other Impressionists. Much of the knowledge, then, of these great painters – as it was passed down through the studio system – lives on through Jerry. As British students say, “This is a proper method.”

The emphasis in these workshops is on teaching the fundamentals of painting. If you are an advanced painter and wish to work with your own method and take from Jerry’s teaching as you please, you are certainly welcome. However, advanced painters would be mistaken to assume that what Jerry teaches would be too basic for them. This method, which has it roots in Paris of the late-19th century, diverges substantially from standard contemporary realist methods.  On the other hand, if you are a raw beginner, or feel that you need a proper method, then this is the workshop you ought to consider. It is foundational.

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