When we left Lenno on the west side of Lake Como, we set out on a three-year journey to build a house and a studio, high on a hill, and only 15 minutes walking distance to the center of Bellagio and our gallery. We worked closely with two architects and we were fully involved in the design process. Part of our plan was to create a studio and workshop setting so that students could do both studio and plein-air work. Villa Veramondo is the culmination of this project.

In 2016, Jerry donned his gardener hat and has been busy researching and planting flowers on 3 separate levels. Meanwhile, Conchitina has been trying new recipes when she has a free moment from managing our gallery. We have created a small school and a welcoming learning environment replete with great views, a variety of subject matter, and the indispensable array of wine, music, and food.

We continue to draw people from around the world so our classes tend to be international. September 2016 was our inauguration and students arrived from the US, Canada, England, Israel, Russia, and Sweden. And we could not have been more pleased with the seriousness of the student body. We are planning now for next September. Hope you can join us!

Below is a map of Bellagio that  shows where the 3 recommended hotels, the villa and our gallery are located. If you haven’t been to Bellagio, know that there is a “lower” level and an “upper level” with about 100 steps in between. The steps are called “salita.” The waterfront is on the lower level while via Garibaldi is on the upper level. Cars can go thru Bellagio center by following the road highlighted yellow or orange on the map (CLICK TO ENLARGE).

Bellagio Map

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