Private Airport Transfers

A private transfer from the airport is highly recommended especially for those traveling on long-haul flights. To book a private transfer, go to They charge €120 one-way and €230 roundtrip, which is the cheapest I found, from Milan Malpensa/Linate/Milan City hotels/Milan Centrale train station to Bellagio.

 If you wish to pay by credit card, make sure to say so explicitly on the booking form.  Entering your c/c info does not automatically give you that option; it’s simply to hold your reservation.  Otherwise, you have to pay in cash.  

Rental Cars

A rental car is not needed once you arrive in Bellagio as you can visit other towns by ferry/bus. However, if you wish to explore a little farther, AutoEurope provides car rental service in Milan and Como. For detailed driving directions including travel time, distance and costs, please go to the ViaMichelin website.  Please note that the nearest airport to Bellagio is Milan Malpensa, and it takes about 1 1/2 hours by car.

Public Transportation

Getting here by public transportation is not only cheap but also easy. From Malpensa airport or Milan city center, for example, you can take a train all the way to Varenna and then a 10-minute ferry ride to Bellagio.  Another option is a train to Como and a ferry/bus to Bellagio. Send us your flight arrival info and we’ll provide you with the best way to get here.

Local Taxi Cabs

Taxi cabs are almost non-existent during the day, so if you are traveling by public transportation and/or need to walk up the steps to get to your hotel/apartment, it’s best to bring luggage that you can carry.  We provide pick up only from the town center to the studio (and not coming down or after classes or at arrival).

Before you leave home, please check the location of your hotel/apartment, and if you think you will need assistance at arrival, please arrange it directly with the hotel concierge/apartment manager.

In the off chance that you need a cab, you contact these numbers:

Marco*    +39 347-484-5905
Nik         +39 329-7032-702
x             +39 339 83 26 447

*We know Marco personally so you can mention my name or Jerry’s; he also provides airport transfer.



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